Supply chain & QC

From the supply to the shipment: a chain under perfect control

Xiamen SanXiangDa carefully selects the quarries and the factories that are required to follow the strict specifications implemented by itself. So far, Xiamen SanXiangDa works with factories located in the province of Fujian, in Jiangxi, in Hebei, as well as those from regions of Qingdao and Yantai in the province of Shandong.

Xiamen SanXiangDa’s well-trained quality inspectors are assigned to the factores in order to follow each order during the whole production process and to ensure that specifications, as well as the Quality Assurance Plan defined and implemented by Xiamen SanXiangDa are in line. The Quality Assurance Plan gives a clear description of the framework and controls which ensure that Xiamen SanXiangDa’s products meet with the standards of utmost quality.

The products once finished are packed in wooden crates and pallets and are transported from the factories to the ports. Packaging material has been beforehand fumigated in accordance with international standards. They have been designed to best-suit the orders’ requirements.

The conformity of the products is checked before every shipment. Xiamen SanXiangDa has one controller who is permanently based at the shipping port and is responsible for loading supervision and inspection.

An on-going control process for a guarantee of quality

Xiamen SanXiangDa has implemented tools to help its factories respect the most up-to-date standards: specifications stipulated to factories, quality controllers following the whole production process. With the assistance of its French experts, SanXiangDa always strives to respect the European and international quality standards.

Moreover, Xiamen SanXiangDa products have been tested and certificied by independent and internationally-recognized laboratories and are in compliance with prevailing norms and regulations. Xiamen SanXiangDa’s natural stone products have their own detailed products test report along with technical characteristics that can be provided upon request.